A story for my friends in Portland, and everywhere else.

This is my farewell to Portland.

I have been trying desperately to connect with as many people as I could this summer, which is what I was trying to do a few days ago when I hit a small bump in the road. Well, really, I didn’t hit anything at all because I couldn’t drive. I had locked my keys in my car. Again.

After standing with my arms and head dramatically draped over my car for several minutes I concluded there must be a better way to go about this. On a side note, I think overly dramatic reactions are fun. So, I drug myself off the hood of my car and sought help. The nice thing about being stranded in the parking lot at Portland Bible College is you don’t have to go far to find help and after a few SOS signals via social media help came to me.

A good friend of mine kindly tried breaking into my car. He continued patiently for the better part of an hour, far past the point where I would have been on the ground frustrated and in tears. We were so close, but the wire kept bending and the lock wouldn’t budge. Its a good thing we have Youtube to teach us how to be locksmiths. It took about three minutes for me to realize Youtube is just a big DIY slap in the face in situations like these. I completed the face-palm tutuorial successfully and moved on.

I was eventually rescued by the very friend I was supposed to be driving across town to meet up with. Not only did she use her AAA membership in order to retrieve my keys, but she drove out and waited with me for over an hour until the locksmith arrived. Okay, so maybe AAA requires the membership holder to be physically present, but I am confident she would have waited with me either way. This isn’t, however, the end of my drama.

The next day I was with one of my best friends, who also gets a kick out of reminding me that I have a car hex. She knows well enough the issues I have had with vehicles in the past. After a short period of time spent downtown at a coffee shop, we returned to my car. I plopped down in my chair and unlocked the passenger side door, or so I thought. She knocks on the door and I tried the lock again. No response. I tried the ignition and again, nothing. No lights, no camera, no action, just a blank dash. I’ve never killed my battery before, but the timing couldn’t have been better. Once again friends came to my rescue, my manager and his fiance happened to be just down the street. They had my car jumped and ready to go before I even went though my list of friends with AAA who I hadn’t used yet. The list is getting pretty short too.

I wrote all of this to say something very simple and that is, I have the best friends anyone could ask for. They are the best, not because they help me when I am stuck, but because they help me move forward even when that means moving away.

My friends, you are selfless. You have loved me when I did not deserve it and you have fought for me when I wanted to give up. It was a strange experience driving from Portland to Poulsbo, like something out of the twilight zone. My worlds have shifted again and I don’t know what the future has in store for me. I am confident in this fact however; that I serve a good God who knows exactly where He is taking me. Thank you for making a place in your life for me. I love you.

A story for my friends in Portland, and everywhere else.

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